Give away your mp3’s for free, but still make money?…Yes that’s possible


Here are tips and tricks for people wanting to earn easy money using ShareCash: It actually may sound crazy, but there is a site called Share Cash that will allow you to upload your mp3 ’s so your fans can download them for free. When they download your mp3 ’s, you get paid anywhere from $1 to $20 per song downloads from ad displays. Upload music files that will get attention. Promote your files via all of your social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc) or using SEO technique to get lot of viewers. Keep promoting, as well as updating your file list. With these tips you should begin earning money daily! NO JOKE, everyone can reach this target as long as they focus. Minimum payout is $10 (it’s very low compared to other similar services) you will get paid when you reach this limit on the 1st month shortly after it will be paid to your PayPal account during the middle of the following month. Example if you earn $5 in January, then an additional $6 in February, You will get paid $11 on the 15 of March.

This might be the easiest way to make a little money without the need to spend some money to start! Most traditional similar service will give you a maximum $10 for 1,000 downloads, but with ShareCash which is growing to 60% soon, You will now begin to earn 20 to 60 cents per download! Meaning if your files get download at least 100 times daily and your download rate is $0.50 per download then you will earn $50 daily, in a month if your analytics remain constant. You can expect to earn $1,500.00 monthly…. not bad! So, what are you waiting for? Join Sharecashe and start earning!

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