Get sponsored… Attract Sponsors to Your Music Movement


If you can build a medium sized audience and fan base, then package a promotion together for a clothing line. Offer them weekly posts on your social media, and direct email blasts to your fans about their line. There is not one company that will not listen. Clothing lines, and related companies are ALWAYS looking to get their stuff on artists just like you!

How To Get Sponsors As An Artist. Being an independent artist is a challenging position to be in. You have complete control and freedom over your career, but it also takes a lot of trial and error to get everything going.
One of the harder aspects to work with is money. While most artists who are signed to labels don’t really have to worry about this, they are also giving a large cut of their money to their managers, agents and label who handle most of their issues for them. Independent rap artists are responsible for all these areas, but they get to keep all of the income as well. There are ways to make money for indie artists that don’t require selling an arm and a leg. One of those ways is getting sponsored.

Sponsorship is a great way for artists to build a relationship with an existing brand that could be beneficial for both parties. It could be endorsement deals where you help them sell their items or they help promote your music to their existing market. There are many different things that go into finding and landing a sponsor.

One of the main aspects of it, is knowing who you are and what you can offer to a brand. There are certainly many different ways to figure this out, but the main questions are pretty simple. It’s knowing what your music is, what you can offer to a brand, and how a relationship between you and the company could be good. Basically it can boil down to this: are people paying attention to you and if not, will you be able to draw attention to your music through the sponsorship?
If you have this part down, then you can move on to doing your research. You need to find brands that you know you could work well with. Wether it be brands you believe in, you like or ones you could potentially like. Figure out what they stand for and how well they mesh with your brand as an artist. Find ways to contact them, and before you do make sure you have a good idea of how your relationship could be beneficial. The companies that can sponsor you are endless! Some of the products you can end up promoting are: beverages, clothes, video games, computers, music equipment (MPC, audio console etc) Cell phones etc. You will find as you brand these products, your recognition will expand. You will receive more fans and more companies will bring business your way. It’s all a matter of knowing how to work your music to not only just up your marketability, but to help out an existing brand that would prove beneficial for a musician. It will take time and commitment, and you’re sure to hear a few no’s before you get a yes, but it could be a fantastic thing for you to do. It gives you a great leg up, and helps out a company that could in turn help you out.
Things to remember for seeking out a sponsorship: Be memorable, stand out from the crowd, be smart and learn how to market yourself. Know your fans, and don’t be afraid to ask.

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